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Is there a possibility to see GP active again? 01 Mai 2018 10:32

I'd like to learn that, let me know.

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Aw: Is there a possibility to see GP active again? 05 Mai 2018 07:39

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Aw: Is there a possibility to see GP active again? 22 Mai 2018 21:57

Well there are several options to choose from.

Number 1: Go to the beach and play in the sand. Now there are three things that might happen:
1st: Absolutly nothing. 2nd: You have so much fun that for a short moment you forget about the good times we had here and forget about the emptyness in your heart that can never be truly filled (wait? thats just me? well.. moving on..) 3rd: You find a magical lamp and are able to summon a djinn who might fulfill your wish.

Number 2: You travel the world hoping to find an answer to your question:
Now there are three things that might happen: 1st: Absolutly nothing. 2nd: You find a lamp with a djinn in it but before you realise, that a djinn is only able to fulfill your wishes and ist not able to give you what you truly want, what your heart truly desires, so you waste the wishes on things you think that might be happy only to see that it was only the idea of those things that you fell in love with and now are dammend to wander the earth with a heart full of emptyness looking for just another magical djinn to undo all your previous wishes... (wait? just me? again? well.. moving on...) 3rd: You find a truly gifted asian child who is able to teach you how to scripted and hack everything so you are able to force every player to join back on the server, just to discover, that it only... yeah this is basically just like the 2nd thing but this time you managed to revive the server... for a while.. in theory.. so we are getting there.

Number 3: You search for a complete innocenct child, the beeing without sin, the beeing with a white soul. Now there are three things that might happen:
1st: Absolutly nothing.
2nd: The child is, due to it's clean and pure nature, surrounded by unicorns. While spending time with the child you discover, that the child itself is a unicorn and your heart becomes light as you are fullfilled by true and innocent happines. Until... well until you discover that it is a blue unicorn and you have been behaving like a lunatic, because you have not thought for a second that it might actually be a blue unicorn which will use its evil nature to disguise itself as an innocent child just to use it as bait for some light hearted and foolish idiot like you to walk right into its den were it will kill you like it did at the great covent of the unicorns with the red, yellow and orange ones...the point is: Blue unicorns are pure evil and cannot be trusted and if you think that you might have found a white unicorn than you are probalby as good as dead because that is, again, one of there favorite ways of baiting their prey! Do not, under no circumstances, trust a blue unicorn! What were we talking about, again? Ah... reviving the server... well a blue unicorn won't help, that ist for sure.
3rd: You try to take the kid as hostage and force everyone to join back on the server.. this might work. If you can find a pure and innocent soul that is. And if everyone here gets the message. And if you can live with yourself after commiting such a crime. But yeah.. well morals aside this might actually work but honestly I would not try it. Because most likely you will be banned by the GP-Team for spam and reposting while trying to convince us, that you have an actual hostage. And of course in this alternative you are not finding and meeting any djinns and unicorns.. that would be a shame wouldn't it.. just don't trust a blue unicorn okay?

Number 4 (Bonus Number): You and all people that are interested could try to make and organize an event to revive the GP for atleast one evening. Now there are three things that might happen:
1st: Absolutly nothing.
2nd: Some idiot who hasn't been on the server nor the website posts a hell of suggstions so that the one that might actually work (in theory) is complety overlooked by anyone because no one actually wants to put enough energy in reading this long post, so in lack of any reaction you forget about the idea because you think that in won't work anyway.
3rd: While reading this post backwards in latin you summon a migty demon who forces you to read the divina commedia in italian and than to translate it into french, because the demon likes your accent while speaking french you discover that you are secretly in love with a white stallion which, unfortunatly speaks spanish, but only backwards and without any vocals, has the constant thrive to attack windmills because apperantly this is what spanish horses are trained to do, exepct from those trained in the school in Vienna, those only want to eat choclate cake (not Sacher Torte though) which is pretty bad for theire... okay what was this all about again?!
I think I might have gone lost for a second... just don't trust a blue unicorn and you will be doing fine. Or at least okay. Maybe. Just do not trust them. They are evil...
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